• In the primary stage, the National Curriculum (NCTB) is followed in the English Version with special care for Spoken English.
  • Practical training of Tilawat with 'Tajweed' of the Holy Quran and preparatory arrangement for Hifzul Quran (Nazera).
  • Enhancing and motivating basic practices of Islam by a selected Deeniyat series (Aqaid, Akhlaq, Seerat, Fiqh, etc.) from publications belonging to countries dedicated to developing Islamic ethics and morals.
  • Strict monitoring of Tarbiyat activities, Yearly lesson plans, completion of CW/HW during class time and periodical tests.
  • Ensuring practical involvement and participation of parents and guardians regarding the development of the wards during parents' meeting.
  • Extra Curricular Activities (games & sports, excursions/study tours, mental math, IQ and creativity competition, etc.).

Our motto is ‘Better schooling in an Islamic environment’. 


Mission : 

Although some part of the curriculum followed by The Educators may reflect curriculum adapted by Madrasa, it is certainly not a madrasa. It is surely a general education school with the touch of Islamic norms and ethics. The products of this institution will go forward to normal colleges & universities existing in our country, but they will never forget the Islamic lessons & values. They will carry over the basic lessons & beauty of Islam throughout their lives.


Vision :

Our vision is to establish this institution as a self-supporting and blended version of Islamic & General Education, so that, it becomes a role model for the educationists across the globe.


Considering the deficiencies of science subjects (eg. Physics , Chemistry,Biology, Mathematics etc) in a Madrasa student and deficiencies of religious matters(eg, Quran, Hadith,as well as values and ethics of Islam) in a general education student , a sandwich system has been developed by the educators to ensure convergence of gist off all the above subjects in one package. Also, the emphasis has been applied in literature like Bengali, English, and Arabic.

A  student who passes SSC / O' level after covering the syllabus of The Educators will be proficient in all the above matters, so that he or she will be most successful in career building (eg, becoming doctor, Engineer, MBA, or University degree holders, etc) as well as an excellent Muslim. 

Furthermore, when a student goes through such combined and blended syllabus in the early part of life, he or she will definitely be devoted, God-fearing, and person of the highest integrity.

Our Principal

আস্সালামু আলাইকুম সুধী, উন্নত স্কুলিং , প্রয়োজনীয় দ্বীনি শিক্ষার সমন্বয়ে একটি সুষ্ঠু মানসম্পন্ন প্রতিষ্ঠান গঠনে অভিজ্ঞ উপদেষ্টাবৃন্দ ও শিক্ষকদের নিয়ে দি এডুকেটরস্‌ প্রতিষ্ঠিত করা হয়েছে। শাসন, ভয়-ভীতির পরিবর্তে উৎসাহ উদ্দীপনার মাধ্যমে ভবিষ্যৎ প্রজন্মকে প্রকৃত শিক্ষায় শিক্ষিত করাই আমাদের লক্ষ্য।